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“We want to do something for them”

Palma Chamber Players, Palma

“OK, leave it with us for a few minutes”

This was the request by our very own classical group Palma Chamber Players followed by our reply with regard to the disaster in Haiti earlier this year. Within a matter of days we had secured a totally unique venue and began creation of the very first event of its kind at this location and within two weeks had put together a coordinated advertising and press campaign involving both Spanish and English press, radio and TV, creating a hugely successful and sold out concert as well as raising considerable funds for their chosen cause.

China Crisis, Pollensa & Palma

“I want to stage a summer dinner concert”

“OK, not a problem we can sort it out”

This was the request by a UK promoter who had a limited knowledge of Mallorca and is turned out staging events. We helped by liasing with the venue, arranging the menu, putting together a coordinated advertising and pr campaign in both English and Spanish, supplying instruments and equipment, being there on the night and organising stage area and table layout ensuring that everybody who came had a wonderful experience, which undoubtedly they did. This was followed by a second successful more intimate concert in Palma a few days later.

Jellyfish Comedy Nights, Palmanova

“It would be nice to see some good comedy”

“Ok, we’ll bring in some of the best from the UK”

A passing comment made to us early in 2009 and our response was to put together a series of successful comedy nights. Using a local compère to hold them together we brought in some of the best talent from the UK comedy circuit who performed in front of an excited audience made up from all walks of life in Mallorca. Names from TV and radio included Alan Francis, Anthony King, Damian Clark, Mark Maier, Tim Clark and many more. These proved very popular and we are currently seeking a new venue to stage another series.